Apple Mac Repair Service in Mumbai

Apple Mac Repair Service in Mumbai


We know how frustrating it is when your MacBook or your desktop Mac parts go down. Our Apple Mac repair service is a quick and cost-effective way to save your computer. Is your Mac out of warranty? Is your nearest Genius Bar mentioned a considerable price to fix your Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Our Mac repair service offers the same high-quality repairs and advice without the high cost. We do all Mac repairs in-house, too, so you can expect a quicker and cheaper service.

We’re the local Mac repair Center in Mumbai. We offer fast, expert Apple Mac repairs to anyone living or working inside the M25.

We understand Macs. Our Apple Mac repair service is delivered by a specialist team of Mac experts who know all the problems and all the fixes. Whether you’ve issues with your OSX problem, Disk entire message popups, your keyboard or Trackpad issues, and many more…

Please check below the services we covered for Apple MacBook pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and iMac.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

Water damage affected your Mac? Our Apple water damage Mac repair service is a quick and cost-effective way to save your computer. Whether a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, an Air, or a desktop, we’ll replace the affected parts and get your laptop working again.

Apple’s one-year limited warranty, which is sold with all new Apple products, doesn’t cover your machine in the event of water damage. Neither does the Apple Care Protection Plan. And the average Apple water damage repair cost is high. Flinging a water-damaged Apple product in the bin can be more cost-effective than replacing it with a brand-new model.

MacBook Air Repair

Our MacBook Air repair service is quicker and cheaper than the branded alternative. And it uses the same quality replacement parts. We don’t think it’s rocket science. But we do think it’s genius. You can trust our MacBook Air repair service. Our engineers are qualified experts who know Macs inside out. And you deal with us face-to-face, either in one of our center or in your home or office.

Our MacBook Air repair service calls out where and when you want. And that means when you want, even at the end of the evening or on the weekend.

We know you need your Mac fixed as soon as possible, so we do that. Our MacBook Air repair service is priced to reflect our work and the quality of replacement parts we use. But not our logo. You pay for what you need, not the pretty pictures on our vans. We don’t have any pretty pictures on our vans, and that’s why.

Mac Hard Drive Replacement

Fast. Convenient. Simple. That’s our MacBook Pro hard drive replacement service. If your data disk dies, don’t accept your laptop has just turned into a hunk of useless metal. Call us, and we’ll solve the problem. Whether it means taking your existing drive out and putting in a new one or repairing the drive you’ve already got. Experienced professionals carry out our Mac HDD repair service. We know Macs inside out and back to front.

Our specialist team of Mac engineers will quickly diagnose your data problem and can often complete a repair on the spot. Many Mac issues are resolved by our engineers on the day the problem is reported.

MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBook battery died? Don’t consign your computer to the rubbish heap just yet. Our MacBook Pro battery replacement service is fast, reasonably priced, and usually completed on the same day. And we’ll even come and pick your computer up from your home or place of work.

When you buy a MacBook, you buy quality. Unfortunately, the solid build and aluminum case comes with a payoff. They aren’t designed to be opened by the owner. And that means, when the battery reaches the end of its useful life, you’re recommended to return the whole computer to your nearest Apple store. Official MacBook Pro battery replacement is costly.

And if you don’t live near an Apple store, it can take several days to complete. We use the same quality batteries you’d get if you paid Apple premiums for your MacBook battery replacement, but our service is much quicker and cheaper.

iMac Repair

Is iMac on the blink? Don’t freak out just yet. Call our iMac repair team. We’ll diagnose, fix, and return your iMac in double-quick time. And we mean double-quick. We do all iMac repairs in-house, so you don’t have to wait for us to send your machine to a third-party location. But wait: doesn’t that mean we’re not using approved Apple replacement parts? Not at all.

We use the same quality parts you’d get if you sent your iMac to Apple via courier. Only we fit them in our center for a price that reflects the cost of the part. Not what they’ve got printed on the box. And because we pick up and drop off your iMac ourselves, we don’t have to charge you extra for shipping and handling.

We do the same iMac repairs as the branded alternative. Only we do them faster, cheaper, and more conveniently. We like to think of it as our little stroke of ‘genius.’ Our iMac repair service is secure, too, as in really fast. We require all of our engineers to sign their non-disclosure agreements. And that means your iMac is fixed by a qualified Mac engineer who has made themselves personally responsible for the security of your data.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Sticky keys, missing keys, or the keyboard not working? Our laptop keyboard replacement service is the answer. And with a significantly lower keyboard replacement cost than branded or national alternatives, our keyboard repair service guarantees happy customers and working machines.

Our keyboard repair service is performed by qualified, experienced professionals and is suitable for both Mac and Windows machines. Our laptop keyboard replacement service is quick and convenient. We don’t outsource keyboard repair jobs. And that means you can usually get your device repaired on the same day.

If we can’t fix you there, we’ll keep the laptop overnight and return it to you the next day—no waiting for delivery lorries to return your computer, no transmission breakdowns or quibbling about warranties. Instead, fast, affordable repairs get you back on your feet when needed.

Mac Screen Replacement

Cracked or broken MacBook screen? Our MacBook screen repair service is quick and convenient. And because we don’t send your MacBook away to a third-party warehouse for fixing, we can save you money and time.

Our Mac screen replacement service is simple and intelligent. You call us. We come to you, take your MacBook away, fit the screen, and bring it back. It’s that easy. Or, if you’re passing one of our local Mac screen repair center, you can drop your machine in, and we’ll fix it while you wait. We keep many Mac screen sizes and types in stock and fit the same high-quality parts as a recommended or Apple-branded repair company.

So whether you’ve put a rock through your Retina or a drumstick through your MacBook Air screen, we can help. Is Mac not mobile? We fix iMac screens as well. Just tell us the year and screen size, and we’ll fit a new one as soon as possible. Or, if you don’t know the screen size or model year, bring it into our center or get us to collect it from your home or place of work. Then, we’ll identify the right screen and fit it in time for that scheduled Facetime meeting.

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