Apple Device Repair in Byculla, Mumbai

Apple Device Repair in Byculla, Mumbai

Repair is an apple service provider for all types of apple device repairs running from battery replacement to water damage to screen replacement to slow OS.

Our certified technicians are trained to provide that your apple devices are repaired correctly and using genuine parts. Repairs can help you with both hardware and software-related issues on your apple device.

What's the issue with your Apple Device?

Some of the repairs and solutions are below. Please keep in mind there are multiple solutions to some issues, and we will be transparent with your options and guide you through a cost-effective repair for your Apple Device!

Damaged Screen?

Screen or Display Assembly Replacement

Lines or No Display?

If it turns on, there could be an issue with the Graphics Chipset, the screen, or the Backlight IC on the Logic Board.

Liquid Spilled?
Logic Board Repair would be required. In worst case scenarios, Logic Board Replacement.

macOS Slow?

Data Backup & macOS Re-Installation. Hard drives may also be faulty, which may require a replacement.

Battery Not Holding Charge?

Battery replacement is required. In some cases, the charging IC on the logic board could be faulty – logic board repair.

Upgrades & Maintenance

You can only upgrade the SSDs in these models to a larger capacity, but general maintenance is always necessary.

We Can Fix It!

We've Apple Service Center near you that can repair iPhones, iPods, Macs, iMacs, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Repair & Apple Watches on the same day and while you wait. Best prices guaranteed! You Can Discover Us At Apple Service Center / Apple iPhone Service Center / Apple Care Near Me / Apple Repair Center.

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