Apple Macbook Repair near me in Mumbai

Apple Macbook Repair near me in Mumbai


Apple Repair Service in Mumbai

If you need apple repair in Mumbai, we can support Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, and iMac. We also fix all brands of Windows laptops and desktops Computer PC


Are you thinking of replacing your aged Mac? Why not boost instead, for a fraction of the price. Our third-party Macbook & iMac repair assistance technicians will install a replacement Solid State Drive (SSD), expand the memory, and reinstall the latest Mac Operating System. Share your Mac a fresh lease of energy. Inspect our article on why you should boost to an SSD.

iMac and MacBook Repair & Service Mumbai

Apple gadgets are expensive, but they last a lengthy time. That’s why we value maintaining iMacs and MacBooks going. We replace batteries, screens, touchpads, keyboards, and better. We can also complete upgrades to extend the life of your Mac.

Software Problems

We can support all macOS and iOS issues and Apple repair or reinstall your device and get it running smoothly again. We can assist with update problems, system implementation, sign-in points, apps, and features and can set up time machine backups and fix them if required.

Hardware Issues

We can fix all types of hardware problems, including:

Cracked MacBook and iMac screens,Macbook Repair

Liquid damaged devices

Battery replacement

And much better!

Data Transfer

If you require your data transferred from your old Mac to a fresh one, we can help. We can even share data from Windows PC to Mac. Once the transfer is done, we will review that you are satisfied with the transfer.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We can retrieve data from all kinds of media including Apple hard drives and SSD drives. If your hard drive has crashed, we can install a new faster drive and recover your data. Inspect our hard drive data recovery service.

Our Mumbai-based, Award-Winning technicians for both Apple Remote IT Support and On-Site IT Support issues are trained, friendly and patient – they won’t baffle you with IT jargon, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

You can bring your gadget to our Shop in Mumbai, Apple Service Center, or we offer a collect and return service.

Call us today for an apple repair in Mumbai. If you are based around the Mumbai and Suburban area, then check out our Mac repair and service as well.

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