Apple Service Centre in Mumbai | Call Expert Technician

Apple Service Centre in Mumbai | Call Expert Technician

All Apple Devices Repairs Under one roof.Chip-level Repair on Logic. Board.

Find Apple Authorized Service Center : Add: Aptronix 462, Palladium Mall, S.B. Marg 
Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013.

Find Apple Service Center appointment Just Call us and fix your appointment for onsite Apple Repair Services.

We provide Comfort to our worthy customer by providing this facility. 

Home Apple Support Service. Clients are our most important rumination. Thus, we take care about their comfort level; and provide them Home Support’ for their Macbook Logicbord Repair.

Apple iPhone Repair - We fix all issues related to your iPhone.

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iPhone 5 Repair  , front facing Camera, iPhone front panel Chip,Home Button Repair.Headphone Jack Repair
iPhone 5s Repair, iPhone 5 Headphone Jack, iPhone 5 Home Button, iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 6 Repair, iPhone 6 Screen Replacement, iPhone 6 Earpiece Speaker

iPhone 6 Plus Repair , iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement, iPhone 6   Plus SIM Eject Lever

iPhone 6S Repair, iPhone 6S Charging Port Repair,

iPhone 7 Repair, Power Button Repair, Screen Replacement

iPhone 7 Plus Repair, iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

iPhone 8 Repair, iPhone 8 Screen Replacement

iPhone 8 Plus Repair, iPhone 8 Screen Replacement

iPhone X Repair, iPhone X Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement

iPhone XR Repair, 

iPhone XR Screen Replacement

iPhone XS Max Repair, iPhone XS Screen Replacement

iPhone 11 Repair, iPhone 11 Screen Replacement

iPhone 11 Pro Repair, iPhone 11 Pro Screen Replacement

iPhone 11 Pro Max Repair , iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Replacement 

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iPhone service center in Mumbai.

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     increase the Ram for better speed.     


     Can You Upgrade the Hard Drive or SSD In Your Mac ?


If your Mac is more than a few years old, you can almost certainly upgrade the hard Unfortunately, if you’ve got a newer model, you’re probably out of luck. The modern Macs You're able to upgrade are:


     MacBook Core 2 Duo 

     MacBook Unibody

     MacBook Pro 13″ (2009-2012)

     MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display (Late 2012-Early 2015)

     MacBook Pro 15″ (2008-2012)

     MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina Display (Mid 2012-Mid 2015)

     MacBook Pro 17″ (All Models)

     MacBook Air 11″ (All Models)

     MacBook Air 13″ (All Models)

     Mac Mini (All Models)

     iMac (All Models)

     iMac Pro (All Models)

     Mac Pro (All Models)

     This means that the Mac models you can’t upgrade the hard drive in are:

     Retina MacBook All Models

Same & Next Day iPad Repair Service. iPad Repair, front glass on your iPad? There’s no need to send it away now that Apple Laptop Service Center offer same and  next day repairs on all Apple  Devices !

Contact Your Personal IT Technician  Call Expert Engineer

 ☎ 959-442-3645 Apple Computer Repair is our core Service, 

and we've built up a lot of trusted experience.

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